Whisky Walkers 2011

‘Walking and Whisky go quite well together as long as both are consumed in moderation’ – David Komlaat: Dutch writer, traveller and Scotland-fan.

Whisky Walkers 2011: The way forward!

Tuesday the 20th of July 2010 the 94th 4-Daagse went on its way and 45.000 walkers from all over the world started doing the most old fashion way of transporting yourself: walking.

The marches, that started with a group of PE-teachers, has become one of the biggest events of its kind in the world and every year the organisation has to put a ‘numerus clausus’ on the amount of walkers they allow to enter.

To demonstrate the world that the bog-standard idea of a whisky-enthusiast, as in: bearded, big-bellied, old man, is only a stereo type I call upon you all to join the Whisky Walkers and show that we don’t care about walking a few miles/kilometers a day and still have the spirit to have a wee dram after each march.

This year, obviously, we’re not able to join in the fun but why not have our eyes focussed on the future and put our names down for next year.

Please leave your comment or if you want to get more information or have your name put on the list please contact me on: ds_ws@ymail.com or 07799754491



1 Response to Whisky Walkers 2011

  1. just travelling back from the 4daagse. Saw your site via a tweet.
    We will also take part in the walk next year. Plus I think we may be able to combine a few things. We have also have something for energy & also for the big bellies!!

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